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CRA and SSR ⚛️

My favorite hierarchy for CRA with SSR 

After React released, many developers asked how we can make SSR SPA with React. After a while some developers tried to make a cli to create React with SSR skeleton but all of them failed becaus...

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SEO for Universal starter

Meta tags in Universal

As we expected on SSR systems to render all contents before send to client side, we also expected that do same thing for meta tags.

Universal supports meta tags modification fortunately.


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Electron tips and tricks on windows 10

Electron is a developed framework on Node.js and provides wide access to native environment cross platforms.

I had some problems in de...

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Add Component dynamically in Angular 2

How to bind component to another one in Angular 2

Some times we need to bind custom components in order to make pages easy managable.

for example you have AComponent & BComponent and you need to bind BComponent instea...

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Universal Starter | Tips and Tricks

Some tips and tricks for Universal Starter

1- Lazy Loadi...

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Universal Starter

Universal Starter for Angular 2 + Webpack

As you may know one of the most important part of web applications developing with new Javascript (or Typescript) frameworks such as...

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Typescript and mapping class

Class mapping in Typescript

As you may know you can define models in typescript, so how we can map json when initializing class?



export class User{
public id:number;
public name:string;
public s...

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How to set properties in subscribed services in Angular 2

If you are familiar with AngularJS you may know that sometimes we need to use $apply or $digest to bind...

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What Is Sails.js?

As SailsJS defined him self in offecial web site:

"Sails makes it easy to buil...

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How to pass data from Component to Directive in Angular 2

1- in Component file define @Output() like below:

import {Header} from "../header/header.directives";

import {Component,Output,EventEmitter} from "@angular/core";

@Component({ directives: [Header], ...

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AngularJS and Grunt

AngularJS and minification

If you decided to minify your web application that you used AngularJS, you may need some steps to do it.

Check that your controller(s) defined be...

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Angular Translate

How to add Angular Translate to web application

Angular Translate provides dynamic translation machanism on web applications. For example if we ne...

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