Add Component dynamically in Angular 2

2017-01-07 11:18:21

How to bind component to another one in Angular 2

Some times we need to bind custom components in order to make pages easy managable.

for example you have AComponent & BComponent and you need to bind BComponent instead AComponent to HomeComponent in special condition, special days or something else.

So we need to

1-add #suitPlaceForComponent to dom object in HomeComponent html, for example: 

 <div #suitPlaceForComponent></div>

 2-in HomeComponent 

import {  Component, EventEmitter,  ViewContainerRef, ViewChild, AfterContentInit, ComponentFactoryResolver } from '@angular/core';
import {AComponent} from "../AModule/a.component";
import {BComponent} from "../BModule/b.component";

@Component({ selector: 'home', templateUrl: './home.component.html' })

export class HomeComponent implements AfterContentInit{

@ViewChild('suitPlaceForComponent',{read:ViewContainerRef}) suitPlaceForComponent; public cmpRef:any; constructor(public componentFactoryResolver:ComponentFactoryResolver) { }

ngAfterContentInit():void {


var component = this.componentFactoryResolver.resolveComponentFactory(AComponent);

else { var component = this.componentFactoryResolver.resolveComponentFactory(BCompoenent); }

this.cmpRef = this.suitPlaceForComponent.createComponent(component);



Attention: if you have HomeModule you must add 


in HomeModule


 Some times you need to get some values from AComponent or BComponent and use it in HomeComponent so you can set or get like below

for set:
this.cmpRef.instance.someValue = value;
for get:
this.SomeValueInAComponent = this.cmpRef.instance.someValue;

Happy Coding!

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